Target groups

The children, teenagers and the youth are the main target group.  We realize and believe that the best group for building a civic society, for sowing national and state values, for propagating national ideology is that of children, the flexible and quick to acquire generation.


As this is going to be the first celebration of the RA State Flag we intend to conduct it only in the territory of Yerevan. Residents of marzes (regions) can also join the events in the capital. But next year the geography of the events will expand.


“Menq” Foundation for Preservation of National Values adopted and during the first year of its activities it has been implementing a distinct policy directed at diffusion, evaluation and honoring of state symbols; at raising awareness among the broad society; at declaring a true value system. Initiating the organization of solemn and national procedure to celebrate …

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The main principle of the celebration is to provide popularity. Representatives of all social layers of the society will take part in the festivity. July 5 shall become a nationwide celebration bringing together politicians, representatives of art, sport, science and other fields. Within this context, signifying the issue of preserving Armenian national identity in the …

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The Coat of Arms of RA

The law “On the State Coat of Arms of the Republic of Armenia” was adopted on April 19, 1992, by the Supreme Soviet of the Republic of Armenia. It is a rendition of the Coat of Arms of the First Armenian Republic (1918-1920) designed by member of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts, Architect Alexander …

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