Flag of Cilician kingdom

The coat of arms of Cilicia

This became the flag of King of Cilicia Levon V:

After the Cilician kingdom of Armenia collapsed, the royal crown and some of the attributes of statehood were sent to Cyprus.

The flag of the Luzinyans, 14th century: Armenian tricolor and the white color as the color of the dynasty.

Briefly about the dynasty:

This was a French dynasty that settled in Cilician Armenia, conducted pro-Catholic policy, as a result of which the kingdom seized to exist. More details here.

Coats of arms of Armenians princes, 14th century.

This was followed by “freezing” of Armenia under Turkish rule for about five centuries. Even universities closed down.

The word “Armenia” was forbidden beginning with the 16th century. The situation with flags was no better. However, quite soon certain revival started among the patriotic Armenian circles of emigration in Europe. The first impetus undoubtedly came from the Mkhitaryan Order. As to the flag, in early 18th century in Holland Israel Orí, an active participant of the liberation movement presented the flag of the Armenian national-liberation movement of the period. This is that flag:

As we can see the flag of the Luzinyans, where, for the first time (?) red-blue-yellow were given as an Armenian flag, underwent certain changes. Two swords and several eight-pointed stars were added.

After entering the Russian Empire under the Gyulistan peace treaty the coats of arms of Armenian districts were as follows:

Coats of arms of Nakhijevan, Yerevan, Artsakh, Zakatala, Yelizavetpol (Gandzak), Baku – 1843.