Lordship flags of Armenia


This was followed by “freezing” of Armenia under Turkish rule for about five centuries. Even universities closed down.

The word “Armenia” was forbidden beginning with the 16th century. The situation with flags was no better. However, quite soon certain revival started among the patriotic Armenian circles of emigration in Europe. The first impetus undoubtedly came from the Mkhitaryan Order. As to the flag, in early 18thcentury in Holland Israel Orí, an active participant of the liberation movement presented the flag of the Armenian national-liberation movement of the period. This is that flag:

Undoubtedly, the medieval state of Cilicia also had its flags. They are usually reconstructed as purple color cloth bearing crosses. The reconstruction is probable but not trustworthy. Actually, Armenia has made Christianity its national religion since 301 but no pictures of these flags have been preserved.

Descriptions of the royal flag of the Luzinyan dynasty (XIV) century: white-red-blue-yellow. Some Armenian historians are inclined to believe that the white is the color of the dynasty itself, and the remaining three are national colors of Armenia.