The Flag of The Republic of Armenia

On 24 August 1990 by the Law on the State Flag of the Republic of Armenia (№ С-0076-1) the state flag was approved. This was the reconstructed flag of 1919: The flag is tricolor with three horizontal and equal alternating stripes of red, blue and orange. The proportion of the length and width of the flag is 2:1.

Religious flags

The flag of the Catholicos of the Armenian autocephalous church is red with a symbolic picture.

Athletic flags of Armenia

The flag of Pan-Armenian Games

The first Pan-Armenian Games took place in Yerevan in 1999. these sport competitions are organized by the World Committee of Pan-Armenian Games (WCPAG).

The games are attended by teams from Armenia, Karabakh, as well as by teams of Armenian Diaspora from different countries. The flag of the Pan-Armenian Games is a navy-blue cloth with the emblem of the Games in the center. The length of the flag is twice as much as its width.

The emblem of the Pan-Armenian Games was approved by the World Constitutive Conference of Armenian athletic organizations of the world on 30 April 1997. The emblem depicts six multicolored intertwines rings. The five rings repeat the colors of the Olympic ones, and the sixth is of apricot color symbolizing Armenia. The rings are grouped in a pyramid (which visually reminds of a mountain – symbolizing the Caucasus and Ararat). The rings are beneath a fire whose flames repeat the colors of the national flag of Armenia.

The materials used are from the site:
the picture is a reconstruction by W. Lomantsov according to a description

Drafts flags of Armenia

In 1999, on his web site Raffi Kojayan offered to make the flag of Armenia less similar to other tricolors, and also more impressive.

His offer was to add narrow white stripes to the flag to divide the three wider ones. The white color would symbolize snowy tops of Ararat. However, there was only talk, and no action.

There is a draft of the flag of Armenia designed by artist Mikhail Asatur Kanayan on the website to the traditional Armenian tricolor he has added a Christian cross in the middle of which he has depicted the mountains of Ararat, Noah’s Ark, the rainbow, a heart. This is how the author himself explains the symbols:

“I have written on the topic in the forum But some new information has been available since then. I must note that the main colors of Armenian flags have always been, and still are, blue, yellow and  red; the main subjects on coats of arms have been the lion and the eagle (artsiv) – basic Indo-European totems.