Day of the State symbols of RA 2011

RA State Symbols Holiday 2011

Event title: Holiday of the RA State Symbols

Data of the event: 15 June 2011

Argumentation: The existing Laws on the RA State Flag and RS Coat of Arms were adopted on 15 June 2006

Site of the event: RA marzes (districts) and Yerevan


“Menq” Foundation for Preservation of National Values adopted and during the first year of its activities it has been implementing a distinct policy directed at diffusion, evaluation and honoring of state symbols; at raising awareness among the broad society; at declaring a true value system.

Initiating the organization of solemn and national procedure to celebrate the day of state symbols of the Republic of Armenia, we make it our goal to present our state symbols in a new way to the Armenian nation and to the world community; to form deference and deep respect for the most vital symbols of Armenian statehood.

Unequivocally accepting the fundamental principles of the national program to diffuse RA state symbols and to raise civic awareness, we consider it vital to hold the Day of State Symbols with the joint efforts of RA citizens, government bodies, and the private sector and to honor and evaluate the most significant symbols of our statehood.


We consider it necessary to improve formation of even much warmer treatment towards the most significant national values– the flag, the coat of arms and the anthem – among our fellow countrymen and foreign guests. Specifically, we believe it to be of major importance to make the Day of State Symbols traditional, popular and expected through positive and festive emotions.


The main principle of the celebration is to provide popularity. Representatives of all social layers of the society will take part in the festivity. June 15 shall become a nationwide celebration bringing together politicians, representatives of art, sport, science and other fields. Within this context, signifying the issue of preserving Armenian national identity in the Diaspora, as well as the works conducted against the danger of estrangement, we expect and signify participation in the celebration by representatives of the Armenian Diaspora in any way.

Target groups

Mainly children, teenagers and the youth are to make up the majority of participants.  We realize and believe that the best group to build a civic society, to sow national and state values, to propagate national ideology is that of children, the flexible and quick to acquire generation.


The above described events are to be held in partnership with a number of structures and agencies: RA President; RA Government; RA National Assembly; RA Ministries of Culture, Defense, Diaspora, and Yerevan Municipality.

Certain contacts have already been established that will promote coverage of the events in the media abroad, Armenian Diaspora will also join in our initiatives.


This year the holiday to honor RA state symbols will be held for the second time, and thus, it will be conducted not only in Yerevan but also in the RA marzes.


The celebration of the RA state symbols is to be held as a single event:

  1. 1. Great festive march

The core and most significant event of the celebration shall be the march, which will become a kind of civil parade. The march will start from outside the RA government building and then will proceed along Nalbandyan Street, Sayat Nova Avenue, the territory near the Opera building and Mashtots Avenue, then along Amiryan Street it will come to Republic square again.